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daikiaday's Journal

Daiki a day community.
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For this kind of moment, baby
Arioka Daiki at your service!

This is the 'a day' community dedicated to Arioka Daiki. Posting a different picture of this cuticle young man for your daily need.
Joining is desirable and highly appreciated.

{ BIO }

Nickname: Dai-chan, Arii
Birthday: 1991.4.15 (Heisei year 3)
Zodiac: Aries
Chinese zodiac: Ram
Birthplace: Chiba
Family: older brother

Height: 164cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: A
Shoe size: 26cm

Joined JE: 2004
Older/Other Groups: J.J.Express, Hey!Say!7 (original)

Gao Ranger (2001)
Last Lawyer (2003)
Fastener (2004)
Engine (2005)
Fuurin Kazan (2006)
Sensei wa Erai (2008)
Scrap Teacher (2008)

Affiliates: inooaday, yutoaday, chinen_aday, kanjaniaday

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